Our Flawed Healthcare System

It’s been over a year since my mother’s accident and the Australian government is still paying all the bills. All the time in the ICU, all the surgeries and still paying for recovery.

Incredible that the US government spends more on health care per person than the Australian and for all that spending most people still need to spend for private insurance on top of that. For less money per citizen, Australia is able to cover all their citizens and even a vacationing tourist.

But it’s kind of hard to fix our medical system before we fix our political system. Right now for any legislation to pass by either party, there must be appeasal of all the special interests. Can’t cut cost when you’ve got to please big pharm, big insurance, big hospitals, big medical device makers, AMA, etc. The only thing for sure is the big corporations and special interests will win out against those without a big lobbyist presence. http://youtu.be/qSjGouBmo0Mhealth

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