The roots of violence

Why do we pretend violence is random, when it so strongly correlated with childhood violence? Why are we so accepting of the initiation of force against the most vulnerable members of society? Why are we so hesitant to challenge parents acting violently towards their children in ways that would never be acceptable towards another adult?

-Abuse and Neglect of American Children Has Increased 134% Since 1980

-Of 14 juveniles condemned to death in the United States in 1986, 12 had been brutally abused as children, and 5 had been sodomized by relatives.

-One study indicates that children who saw their mother being abused, compared with those who did not, are 24 times more likely to commit sexual assault crimes, 50 times more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, 74 times more likely to commit crimes against another person, and 6 times more likely to commit suicide.

-As many as seven children die from abuse and neglect every day in America. If seven children were killed each day by strangers (or released sex offenders), the public would be outraged. Yet the public is largely unaware of (or indifferent to) parents who murder their children.

-100% of violent inmates at San Quentin had extreme childhood abuse. Degree of physical punishment correlates with strongly with delinquency and dropping out of high school.

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