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Nathan Johnson, MD is a Family Medicine Doctor.  He received his BS from Cornell University and his medical degree from the Uniformed Service University of Health Science at Walter Reed in Bethesda, MD.  He completed his Family Medicine Residence at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, FL.  His Navy duty stations included Okinawa, Japan and Naples, Italy.  He current is a reserve Commander with 6th Communications Battalion in Brooklyn, NY. He currently practices Family Medicine with Coordinated Health right near his home in Shawnee on the Delaware, Pennsylvania where he lives with his 2 sons Azlan and Kaiel.
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One thought on “About Dr. Johnson

  1. When you mentioned Cornell, I missed the fact you did your undergraduate work there.

    What years?

    For one brief moment Mary’s sister was Dean of Students at Cornell, and we spent a lot of time in Ithaca.

    Did you ever learn to say, “CAYOOOOGA!” while driving up East Shore?

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